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The Night Shelter depends on the hard work of many volunteers who are organised into 3 shifts. Firstly from 7.20 pm to 10 pm during which a hot meal is served. The night shift is on from 10 pm to 6.30 am when the guests are able to sleep in sleeping bags on camp beds. The Breakfast shift is on duty from 6.30 am to 8.30 am during which a cooked breakfast is served to the guests after which the guests pack up their beds and leave for the day.

We have a team of managers who are on duty to assist the volunteers in providing a welcoming and safe environment for the guests.

Churches are encouraged to provide suitable facilities for the guests to wash and to have a shower and should have a washer-dryer available to allow guests to launder their clothes.

     We will need more volunteers to help us at the Night Shelter, especially for the Easthampstead venue at St Michael’s. If you would like to help please click on the Application Form button above. The form can then be sent to your printer. Please fill in the form and send it to us. This can be done by either scanning in the document and sending it to us as an email attachment to pilgrim.hearts@gmail.com. You can also print it off, fill it in and post it to Pilgrim Hearts at 24 Yorkshire Place, Bracknell RG42 3XE.

Volunteer training will take place in the second week in September. This training will be at each participating church on their day of opening as a Night Shelter and is a chance for all the volunteers to meet up and discuss the coming winters programme.

Each volunteer will recieve a handbook which sets out how the Pilgrim Hearts Night Shelter is to be run so that each church works in the same way and all the guests know what is expected of them and what will be available for them.  This handbook is also available on this website.

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