Using creative arts to transform lives


Anne House

Anne House is a Christian artist, perhaps most famous for her series of prophetic pictures: the New Generation Exhibition. With the exhibition, Anne has travelled in the UK and abroad, enabling God to touch peoples' hearts through the pictures.

Pilgrim Hearts have worked with Anne for over 10 years helping to set up and run her exhibitions. Prints of many of her pictures are available in the gallery on her website:

Jane Turner

Jane Turner is a actor, producer,director,trainer and  consultant. She has worked with Pilgrim Hearts at the Churches in Reading Women’s Centre on the “Voice for the voiceless” project, She has written the  drug handbook to go with our Yeldall DVD and at with Churches in Reading Drop-in Centre (CIRDIC) and leading workshops for volunteers. She is establishing a theatre group Bottletop which takes over after we have carried out some of our workshops.


Roger Stamp

Roger is a Sony award winning Broadcast Journalist and Media Consultant with 25 years experience in BBC and Commercial Radio.


Sarah de Nordwall

Sarah de Nordwall is a bard with a bard school.  In 8th Century  the Bard or court poet was commission was to speak truth without fear, and to entertain everyone from the peasant to the King.  Bard Schools were set up to teach the poets to be as astute as they were spiritual, to be improvisers as well as "living libraries of cultural knowledge" and to have "the virtues of all classes and the vices of none!" 

A few years working at the BBC taught Sarah that bards were still required to turn the tables and awaken some fresh creative energy and she has established her own bard school, has written poems and stories to perform in many contexts from the Boardroom to the House of Lords from the Barbican library to a Jazz Cafe, from a rehab unit, to an International Conference in Geneva on  the transformational role of the Arts.

Sarah has worked with Pilgrim Hearts on many creative writing workshops and drama activities.

Her website

Hammad and Sally Baily

Voice for Jesus is a Christian Band passionate about music mission. Their aim is to share the Gospel through Christian music, leading worship, performing concerts and recording Christian albums. They are a multi-cultural Christian band, whose range of music includes rock, pop, uplifting worship, quiet meditative healing songs, and Eastern Classical. The main band members are Hammad and Sally Baily.

Voice for Jesus have worked with Pilgrim Hearts on a number of projects including providing music and sound effects for a pantomime at the Women’s Centre, and running song writing workshops and performances at SHOC (Slough Homeless our Concern) and the Drop In at bracknell. Their extensive range of secular songs, both old and new, helps them to reach out to people from all walks of life and lift their spirits. ‘Sing along with Hammad’ is a popular activity in Care Homes.

For more information visit or contact or telephone  07836 251432

Clive Robertson

Clive Robertson is an experienced film maker and creative trainer with a comprehensive understanding of video and digital media. He specialises in using video in community settings, particularly with underrepresented and hard to reach groups. He is co founder and current creative director of Real Time, one of the UK's leading participatory film companies.

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Anne House

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