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film making - case study 2

Pilgrim Hearts use film making as it to enhances communication skills and builds confidence through the experience of making a film. There are many benefits to film making projects include:-

Pilgrim Hearts obtained a grant from the European Social Fund and the Berkshire Community Foundation to help disadvantaged ex-drug addicts with a film making course at Yeldall Manor (a Christian run rehabilitation centre).

For this project Pilgrim Heart teamed up with Clive Robertson from Real Time, one of the UK’s leading exponents of the use of participatory media and digital art in community settings, and Sally Baily, project manager. The participants were 12 residents from Yeldall Manor who worked together over 6 weeks. The outcome was a series of short films telling the story of different drug addicts and their road to recovery.

Before filming began the participants were asked what they hoped to achieve by being involved in the making of the film, their answers included:

The outcome they hoped for was the satisfaction of improving their skills, having the confidence to contribute to the film, and being involved in a group that co-operated together effectively.

After the completion of the course, participants were asked to evaluate whether it had been beneficial to them.

You can view a short clip of the film made during this project here.

Following on from this project a workbook for use with youth groups has been developed which can be used in conjunction with the film. Both these products are available from the Shop.

Pilgrim Hearts has also run creative writing and cookery workshops at Yeldall Manor.

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