2018-19 Pilgrim Hearts Night Shelter Volunteering Form

Forname:-                     Surname:-                                                      Gender:-        

            D.O.B:-               Email:-                                                                         Phone no:-


Please circle availability    M  T  W  T  F  S  S    and shift    Evening   Night   Morning           

Referees Name:-


           Referees Phone:-                                    Referees Email:-

           Have you a valid DBS check?                                     YES  / NO      (Please circle)

           Have you a valid First Aid qualification?                YES  / NO      (Please circle)

           Have you a valid Food Hygiene Certificate?            YES  / NO     (Please circle)

          Any Relevant experience?    

         1. I will read and follow the Pilgrim Hearts Night Shelter guidelines* and policies and
       will help as requested.

2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that Pilgrim Hearts must ask your permission to store and use personal data such as your name, email address, etc.  We willl look after your data properly and securely, and not give out personal details concerning you to 3rd parties unless we have asked you and got permission first. As we cannot operate effectively without using your data , we must ask you to sign and date below to show your consent to us using your personal data. You must give us permission to store and use that data as we need to do so in the process of managing PH and running our activities. If you are unable to give us your consent, then it will be impossible to help us or remain as one of our volunteers covered by insurance. This is, of course, your choice. If you do give your consent we promise to be as careful as possible with your personal data and will store your data for the minimum period possible after you cease using us or assisting us (normally 5 years due to rules on record keeping). You may, on ceasing to be a volunteer, ask for your data to be removed as quickly as possible which we promise to do.

           2. I give permission to Pilgrim hearts to store and keep my data as above.

      3.  I will attend the training course.

        Signed                                                                              Dated                                                                              Version 1 March

Please write your email carefully as this will be the main contact method!

If you have no printer ask for a copy of this volunteering form.

* Coordinators Handbook and Volunteers Handbook

March 2018