we use the creative arts to support, nurture and encourage vulnerable adults.

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The Pilgrim Hearts Bracknell Night Shelter until 30 March 2018

  58 people helped so far -  Doctor’s surgery on Thursday Night

Passes available from Bracknell Forest Borough Council, Citizens Advice Bureaux, the Kerith Community Church, NewHope and Pilgrim Hearts Drop In (see below)

Providing a secure, safe and welcoming warm shelter, a sleeping bag, camp bed, a cooked dinner each evening and a cooked breakfast.

The Pilgrim Hearts Night Shelter is as listed below  – Open 7.30pm

 Sunday nights at St Joseph’s in Bracknell  

 Monday nights at  the Holy Trinity in Bracknell      
 Tuesday nights at St Mark’s in Binfield (bus pick up 7.15pm at           Bracknell railway station)

 Wednesday nights at  the Easthampstead Baptist Church

 Thursday nights at Newbold Church in Binfield (bus pick up 7.15pm           at Bracknell railway station)  Doctor available

 Friday nights at St Michael’s in Easthampstead

 Saturday nights at the Methodist Church in Priestwood

If you would like to volunteer to be a regular helper at the Night Shelter then please  Click on this text  to sent us your details.  

Our new App for the homeless is under test. It is for the Bracknell area and gives useful information on accessing local services. Other areas will be available.

The Pilgrim Hearts Drop in Centre  in Bracknell

The “Drop In” at St Andrew’s Church in Priestwood Court Road, Priestwood, Bracknell RG42 1TU.    Open every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am till 2 pm. A friendly club atmosphere and our team are available for those who may wish to visit us to obtain a warm welcome, hot drinks, a hot meal and a listening ear. It is a place to relax among friends, play table tennis or just have a rest.

We provide CV writing help, computers to use, personal assistance, signposting to direct you to other available services.
We offer a place to write letters, fill in job applications etc. and we can provide an address for your correspondence. Assistance with letter writing etc. - applying for benefits is readily available here. We have personal mentors, specialist dyslexia help, and provide assistance with your problems.

We can provide Food Bank vouchers, clothing, clothing vouchers, shoes and during the winter, entry passes for the Night Shelter.

Thanks to strong support for these projects

from the Bishops of Oxford and Reading, Bracknell Lions, Dive Club, Bracknell Town Council, many local Churches, the Berkshire Community Foundation, the Church Urban Fund, the John Lewis partnership Golden Jubilee Trust , The Gannett Foundation, Southern Water, Waitrose, Tesco’s and the Warfield Park Community Association and from many other individual donors and companies. Thank you all, and many blessings upon you!

We have a My Donate page so you can help us with this work. Thanks


  Using creative arts to transform lives