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What is Pilgrim Hearts?

Pilgrim Hearts is an inter-denominational Christian charity which utilises creative arts to open up the hearts of all. Our work has reached many who previously had not been awakened to the fact that Christianity relates to each of us, how we face the challenges of our every day living, and how we associate with each other. Pilgrim Hearts Trust was started in 2000 as a registered charity.

Mission statement

Pilgrim Hearts is there to assist those on the Edge and those who, for whatever reason, are not able to benefit from all of life's opportunities.

We are a Christian organisation devoted to helping marginalised people, and those with disabilities, from all walks of life and from all backgrounds, races, and religions to reach their full potential and to explore their gifting and worth through the use of the creative arts.

We run a Drop-in Centre in Bracknell which is providing assistance and succour to many in the area. We also run a Night Shelter in Bracknell which opened 3 years ago.
Packs of how to set up and run a night shelter are available free of charge to those who wish to start such a project.

Our Patron

Clive Robertson, Creative Director, Real Time Video David Chalmers-Brown, Environmental Consultant
Fay Philp, Social Action Team Leader, EBC

Peter Knight, Business Consultant

The Right Reverend Bishop Dominic Walker O.G.S., M.A., AKC., D.Litt, former Bishop of Monmouth. Post Graduate studies in psychology of religion and mental health issues. Author of The Solitary Life: Its History and Significance

Our Trustees

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Elaine, David, Sarah,& Jane

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Our Director

Elaine Chalmers-Brown is the Director of Pilgrim Hearts. She has designed and delivered workshops, events and exhibitions since founding Pilgrim Hearts in 2000. She has a heart for encouraging artists and helping vulnerable people.

Our Media Consultant and fund raiser

Our Media Consultant, Roger Stamp, works with us on the planning and funding stages of our projects and gives admin support to Elaine Chalmers-Brown. He is a BBC journalist with wide experience in the arts and with arts based projects

what we do


Bishop Dominic


Our three Night Shelter Managers

Teresa Cottee  (as seen in the left)

Antony Green

Richard White